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The origin of the history of  ice hockey and specifically Windsor, Nova Scotia’s claim as the Birthplace of Hockey is the result of significant research and investigation by author historian Garth Vaughan.

The website’s development incorporates the core research undertaken by Garth Vaughan and his daughter Holley Hammett Vaughan as well as content utilized in the writing of Garth’s book ” The Puck Starts Here”.

Additional information on the research and publications regarding the origin and history of ice hockey, (also located in the drop-down menu) can be found on the follow pages.  A bibliography summary of the research is further noted below.

Birthplace Of Hockey Bibliography

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Thomas Chandler Haliburton – About

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Windsor, Nova Scotia

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Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Dartmouth Heritage Centre

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Canadian Winter Sports

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Crown Lands Office Crown Lands Record Centre

Plans in the Hants County Portfolio  #13 Layout of Lots on Road to Falmouth (Undated – c. 1800) NOTE: Shows along Waterfront – John Clark Esq. Warfe lot (1000 or 1800?) N35 W300 foot  – Neal Geachy (1000 or 1800?) N35 W300 foot  – Landing Place  – cpt Monk  – Josh Manger  -Isaac Deschamps

– “King (Street)” (hand written in and then crossed out) “Albert St.  Note: Appears to actually be “King Street” which is the name of the street that runs along the base of Fort Edward Hill in Windsor.

Streetfront Lots –  – 1. T Bridge  – 2. J Butler  – 3. L Louberlahter (?)  – 4. J Burbidge  – 5. Capt. Shammus _ _ (?)  – 6. J Gerrish  – 7. Fred Deslesdernier & Capt. _ Grounld  – 8. Avery  – 9. S Cottnum  – 10. Palmer  – 11. Mist Franklin  – 12. Lord William  – 13. B Gerrish  – 14. ?

Across the street –  – Farnum (?)  – Crowell

Plans in the Hants County Portfolio  #14- Old plan of part of the lands on Piziquid River Belonging to the Hon. Richard Buckley, Jonathan Belcher – Not Signed or Dated  E – 18 – 38 NOTE: Script on map refers to Belcher as Liet. Governor Jonathan Belcher –  Jonathan Belcher Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia 1761 – 1763

Plans in the Hants County Portfolio  #26 – Plan for the Water Lots by William Hendry, Windsor 1879

General Index of Grants from 1730 to 1937 Inclusive – 1786  Name of Grantee – John Clarke, 500 acres, District – T’ship of Windsor, County – Hants, Book – 18 old, Page – 91

David Rumsey Maps used by permission of David Rumsey

The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection contains to date over 7,180 maps online and focuses on rare 18th and 19th century North and South America cartographic history materials. Historic maps of the World, Europe, Asia and Africa are also represented. The collection categories include old and antique atlas, globe, school geography, maritime chart, state, county, city, pocket, wall, children and manuscript maps. Genealogy and family history can be studied on the maps. The online collection is an expanding cross section of digital images designed to highlight the depth of the collection. Read Article about the collection.

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