The Loyalists

A Brief History of Windsor Nova Scotia

Following the Expulsion of the Acadians, the English changed the name of the town from Piziquid to Windsor, and gave the name of Avon to the river. They then called for immigrants from America and the British Isles. Soon ‘Planters’ arrived from New England and settled much of the land which the Acadians had cultivated. Groups of people arrived from Ireland, Scotland and England and made new homes for themselves in the Windsor area.

An American Rebellion against the English, known as The War of Independence soon followed in America. As hostilities were resolved with an American victory, those who
remained loyal to the British Crown then left America for Canada, and many of them settled in and about Windsor. These United Empire Loyalists represented a cross section of the population of the land from which they came. Some were farmers and tradesmen while others were academics and professionals.

Agriculture was important to all and the new settlers made great use of the fine soil prepared by the Acadians. By 1865, an Agricultural Fair was established at Fort Edward, and with the fair, Horse Racing began as a serious sport.

Copyright – Garth Vaughan December 8, 2000