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Plan #14 E – 18 – 38
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NOTE: Jonathan Belcher was Lietenant Governor of Nova Scotia from 1760 – 1763
– Belcher … was sitting on Council when the fateful decision was made under the leadership of Governor Lawrence to deport the Acadians in the year 1755.
– With the death of Governor Charles Lawrence, in 1760, Jonathan Belcher, being the next senior man in the province, was to stand in as its chief administrative officer (lieutenant-governor).
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To the Honourable Richard Bulkeley Esq.
Call (?) One of his Majesty’s Cuoncilors at Halifax…

A PLAN of the lands belonging to the Honourable Richard Bulkeley Esq.
the Honourable Lieu (?) Governor Jonathan Belcher Esq …

Honourable -?- of his Majesty’s Council at Halifax, Situated along the River of Pisiquid in the King’s County (?)…

-?- mixed with wood…A
The King’s Meadow…marked B
Upland…Marked C
…Marsh…Marked D