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Town of Newport 1761
Letter From: Rhode Island Emigration to Nova Scotia
by Ray Greene Huling

Halifax, March 31, 1761

Capt. Maloney, upon the application of the inhabitants of Horton and Cornwallis, is to return to New London to take in provisions, but half his lading. He is then to proceed to Newport to take in provisions for East and West Falmouth. He has orders to take Dr. Ellis* and family and effects and one Mr. Mather (this name is somewhat uncertain), if they are ready.

The inhabitants of East Falmouth have petitioned to be set off as a distinct town and it has been mentioned in Council, but nothing conclusive done. There is an objection because of the fewness of proprietors, but if they will consent to have an addition of 20 rights, a sufficient quantity of land being added to that end, I believe they may obtain it. I have proposed to have it named Newport, from my Lord Newport, a friend of Mr. Belcher’s, and which I believe will be agreeable to the people if they think it will be of advantage to them. I think the addition of 20 shares will be no disadvantage, as they have land equivilent. You can inform yourself of their opinion on this head.

I shall endeavor to send the iron by the vessel bringing the provision.

I am obliged to you for the assistance you gave my son among the inhabitants.

It will not be long before you will be here and then I will fully inform you of the other affairs,

till when I am, in haste,
Sir, your most obt servant,
C. Morris (Serveyor General)
To Isaac Deschamps**, Esq.
Fort Edward.

"…The river Conetcook (Kennetcook) runs through the middle of this township, navigable by sloops at high water for ten miles, and on the southern end of the river St. Croix, navigable for four miles."

…the names of the grantees of Newport are given…among them are…William Hallyburton…the great-grandfather of judge Thomas C. Haliburton…of Rhode Island Origin

*Dr. Ellis was stepfather to William Hallyburton, who was T.C. Haliburton’s grandfather.

**Deschamps was related by marriage to William Haliburton, Thomas Chandler Haliburton’s grandfather. – "Family Ties" by Gordon M. Haliburton, see bibliography

Excerpt From:
Rhode Island Emigration to Nova Scotia
by Ray Greene Huling, A.M., New Bedford Massachusetts
Providence, R. I., Reprinted from the Narragansett Historical Register,
April 1889.
ISBN 88812 – 215 – 2 Toronto 1984 Canadiana House
HRL 971.6 H912r 1984 c.2
pg 23 – 24


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