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King’s College Record

May 1879
During the Easter vacation quite a large number of students remained in College…the fact that such numbers make "kings" their home during the Christmas and Easter holidays of each year is a strong proof of the universal love for the old place and it’s surroundings…

We are indebted to Professor Oram for the improvements to the College Woods. By his suggestion clearings have been made between the road and the well known "Three Elms", which are now visible in their full beauty from the road. The woods will always be remembered with great pleasure by those who have spent any time among their beauties. Scarcely any spot of equal extent in the Province so richly deserves the praise so generally accorded to our woods. In spring and summer they present all the charms of rural nature, and in autumn their own beauty, as well as the gorgeous surroundings, cannot but strike the observer with wondering delight…

We are pleased to learn that any doubts about the healthiness of the Academy are now proved to be groundless. Upon recent investigation by Drs. Fraser, Gossip and Black. With Edward Dimock, Esq., the locality was found to be perfectly healthy, and nothing in the state of the building to warrant any fear of disease…

Taken From:
King’s College Record – Vol 1
King’s College, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Library
– King’s College Archive


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