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Windsor,  Nova  Scotia, Canada – c. 1800
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King’s College Record

Feb 1879

…President of King’s College, the rev. George McCawley, D.D….
…He was born at St. John, Newfoundland, early in the century, we believe in the year 1802. When he attained his fifteenth year he matriculated at King’s College [approx 1817[…he [would] return to preside over the university…

Having gone to college for the purpose of study, and not for the indulgence of frivolities, he kept the goal before him and steadfastly pressed toward it…
…In 1865 he was promoted by the Bishop to the Archdeaconcy of Nova Scotia, and at the same time Senior Canon of St. Lukes Cathedral, Halifax. These Honorary offices he resigned in 1874, and the following year he also resigned presidency of the college…

Excerpt From:
King’s College Record – Vol 1
King’s College, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Library
– King’s College Archive


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