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King’s College

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Founded 1789
Pres. Cochran
T.C.H. Starts School
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Seat of the Muses
The Three Elms
Fire 1871
Fire 1920

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King’s 1800
King’s View
Hensley Chapel
Hensley Plaque
Winter 1803

King’s Record


William Cochran

Born 1757 – Ireland

Religion Episcopalian/Anglican

Profession Minister/Professor

A Dublin graduate from Omagh, Ireland.

The first president in the new building of King’s College, Windsor, Nova Scotia.

He had been Classical (Greek and Latin) Professor in King’s College, New York, for five years, 1784 (age 27) – 1789

President of King’s College, Windsor, Nova Scotia from June 1, 1790 till Nov 1, 1803 (13 years), at which point he bacame Vice-President. He taught at Kings for over 40 years.

He was ordained by Bishop Charles Inglis 12/6/1791. The bishop’s son John married William Cochran’s niece.

Died 1833


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