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Aerial View of Windsor 1966 with rollover of Ambrose Church Map of Windsor 1871

The Ambrose Church Map of 1871 shows little discrepancy with this aerial view of Windsor taken around 1966.
Clearly visible are the distinctive shapes of Haliburton’s "Clifton" property, the "new" Haliburton gypsum quarry*, Kings College Grounds and the Woods Containing "Kings Frog Pond", the Avon River [the section showing now known as Lake Pisiquid]. What was once Haliburton’s Long Pond is identified by a copse of trees in the south-western corner of "Clifton Grounds".


*The "Old Gypsum Quarry" seen above in two parts, through which Clifton Avenue runs. One half of which was land-filled starting in the early 1900s and completed by the 1970s at which time apartmant buildings were erected there. The other half of which, next to present day limits of "Clifton Grounds" remains a pond which, when frozen, hosts skaters in the winter.