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Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Windsor,  Nova  Scotia, Canada – c. 1800
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Supporting Maps
1786 – "Plan" for King’s
Windsor – Anson Map
1871 – Church Map
1879 – Hendry Map
1880 – Roe Bros Map

1878 – Bird’s Eye View

BIG Maps
1786 – "Plan" for King’s
Windsor – Anson Map
1871 – Church Map
1879 – Hendry Map
1880 – Roe Bros Map

1878 – Bird’s Eye View
Map to Long Pond

1842 – TCH/King’s Deed

Compilation of Maps

Long Pond Fall 2002
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Thomas Chandler Haliburton’s Boyhood Games –
by V.L.O. Chittick

V.L.O. Chittick Quote

Haliburton matriculated at King’s in 1810. In his previous attendance at the (King’s) preparatory school (see footnote 25), which was housed under the same roof as the college during part at least of his period as a schoolboy…

(footnote 25)… To which period of Haliburton’s life there may be unhesitatingly assigned the youthful pleasures described in the following interesting and evidently autobiographical passage set down as among Sam Slick’s school-boy recollections in The Attaché, second series, II, (chapter 55, Paying and Returning Visits) 112-114:

(Sam speaking of the Squire going to visit an old schoolfellow)

"… the Schoolroom, and the noisy, larkin’ happy holidays, and you boys let out racin’, yelpin’, hollerin, and whoopin’ like mad with pleasure, and the play-ground, and the games at (base) in the fields, or hurly on the long pond on the ice, or campin’ out at Chester lakes to fish – catchin’ no trout, gettin’ wet thro’ and thro’ with rain like a drowned rat, – eat up body and bones by black flies and (mosquitos), returnin’ tired to death, and callin’ it a party of pleasure…"(end footnote)

…as required by statute, Haliburton lived in the college. Throughout his residence he occupied the (same) room…

See page with V.L.O. Chittick quote
See Full Haliburton Quote

Excerpt From –
Thomas Chandler Haliburton ("Sam Slick") – A Study in Provincial Toryism
Chittick, V.L.O. , Professor in the Division of Literature and Language at Reed College
Published NY, Columbia University Press 1924
pg 25 – 27
SG 921 H172c


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