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Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Windsor,  Nova  Scotia, Canada – c. 1800
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Supporting Maps
1786 – "Plan" for King’s
Windsor – Anson Map
1871 – Church Map
1879 – Hendry Map
1880 – Roe Bros Map

1878 – Bird’s Eye View

BIG Maps
1786 – "Plan" for King’s
Windsor – Anson Map
1871 – Church Map
Aerial View/Church
1879 – Hendry Map
1880 – Roe Bros Map

1878 – Bird’s Eye View
Map to Long Pond

1842 – TCH/King’s Deed

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Chapter I
When one reaches a certain age, he likes on occasions to look back to the days of his youth; and in meeting old companions of childhood to talk over affairs when they were boys. … these little sketches will be intimate tales of old Windsor as it touches up against us boys, and in the telling, I will use without offence the names as we used them then.

My own first contact with Windsor, external to my home was in going to school. Fred and Cliff Shand. My brother Mont and myself started together …

Chapter X
In Swimming

Long Pond was the great swimming place; yet possibly some of the present [1930s] generation may not even know where it is, or was. Our road was up Clifton Avenue, and the turning to the left as if going to Mr. Burchell’s. When one got about opposite Clifton House, in the field was Long Pond. It was then a beautiful sheet of water, but I was told by someone lately that the bottom fell out of it and the water had all run away. It was deep over our heads in places but the choicest spot was on the Clifton side where one could step down into the water about two feet deep, to start with and wade out over to over one’s head. That was where we learnt (sic) to swim. Before we learnt (sic) to swim we used to “steamboat” all over the pond. We had few discarded railroad ties up there; and the method was to the chin on the end of the tie, holding by the hands and then churn the water with kicking our feet. One could make quite a speed. The water got warm there earlier than in the [Avon] River. Some of us have been in there as early as the eighth of April one summer. We swam out to the ice that had not melted in the centre (sic). …

Excerpts from: "I Remember"
by H. Percy Blanchard
(Windsor, Nova Scotia)
First Published as a weekly column to the Hants Journal c. 1930.

Haliburton's Long Pond Fall 2002 Haliburton’s Long Pond Fall 2002

How to get to Haliburton’s Long Pond.


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