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Nova Scotia Farmland 1829
by Thomas Chandler Haliburton
An Excerpt From –
An Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia
Pub 1829

…the arable lands bear as yet a small proportion to the wilderness parts of the country; and these, as in all other places in America, are chiefly confined to the neighbourhood of the rivers, harbours, and coasts, though small scattered settlements are to be found in the interior, where the lands are of sufficient to invite cultivation. But the appearance of the old townships will vie with any part of America for beauty. The extended and well cultivated valley of the Annapolis River, the diversified and picturesque country of Horton and Cornwallis; the richness, extent, and variety, of the views in the vicinity of Windsor…cannot fail to excite the wonder of strangers, that they exist is a country which has always been represented as the most uninteresting part of America…

Excerpt From –
An Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia
In two volumes. Illustrated by a map of the province, and several engravings.
By Thomas C. Haliburton, Esq.
Barrister at Law and Member of the House of Assembly of Nova Scotia
[originally] Printed and Published by Joseph Howe, Halifax 1829
Edition consulted – Candiana Reprint Series No. 51
Mika Publishing Belleville, Ontario 1973

Volume 2
Pg 7


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