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Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Windsor,  Nova  Scotia, Canada – c. 1800
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T.C. Haliburton’s
NS c1800

NS 1st Historian
King’s College
Hurley on Long Pond
TCH’s Long Pond
Clifton Grove
Windsor Gypsum

Why He Wrote
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Sam Slick’s Words

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Hurley Quote – "Obviously Autobiographical Passage"
by Victor Lovitt Oakes Chittick

…Haliburton matriculated at King’s in 1810. In his previous attendance at the preparatory Grammar School, which was housed under the same roof as the college during part at least of his period as a schoolboy (see footnote 25)…

(footnote 25)
To which period of Haliburton’s life there may be unhesitatingly assigned the youthful pleasures described in the following obviously autobiographical passage set down as in Sam Slick’s school-boy recollections in the Attaché second series, II, 112-114: "…(*Memory acts on thought like sudden heat on a dormant fly, it wakes it from the dead, puts new life into it, and it stretches out its wings and buzzes round as if it had never slept. When you see him,) don’t the old schoolmaster rise up before you as nateral as if it was only yesterday? And the school room, and the noisy larkin’, happy holidays, and you boys let out racin’, yelpin’, hollerin’ and whoopin’ like mad with pleasure; and the playground, and the games at base in the fields or hurley on the long pond on the ice, or campin’ out a-night at Chester lakes to fish – catchin’ no trout and gettin’ wet thro’ and thro’ with rain like a drowned rat, – eat up body and bones by black flies and muschetoes, returnin’ tired to death, and callin’ it a party of pleasure; or riggin’ out in pumps for dancin’ schools, and the little first loves for the pretty little gals there, when the heart was romantic and looked away ahead into an avenue of years, and seed you and your little tiny partner at the head of it, driven in a tandem sleigh of your own, and a grand house to live in, and she your partner through life; or else you in the grove back o’ the school away up in a beech tree, settin’ straddle- legged on a limb with a jack-knife in your hand cuttin’ into it the two first letters of her name – F.L., first love; never dreamin’ the bark would grow over them in time on the tree, and the world, the flesh, and the devil rub them out of the heart in arter years also. Then comes robbin’ orchards and fetchin’ home nasty puckery apples to eat, as sour as Greek, that stealin’ made sweet; or gettin’ out o’windows at night, goin’ down to old Ross’s, orderin’ a supper and pocketin’ your – first whole bottle of wine – oh! that first whole bottle christened the man, and you woke up sober next mornin’, and got the first taste o’ the world, – sour in the mouth – sour in the stomach – sour in the temper, and sour all over; – yes, that’s the world."

…as required by statute, Haliburton lived in the college. Throughout his residence he occupied the [same] room…

Excerpt From
Thomas Chandler Haliburton : A Study n Provincial Toryism
by Victor Lovitt Oakes Chittick, P.H.D., Professor of Literature and Language at Reed College
New York, Columbia University Press 1924
HRL SG 921 H 172c

Pg 25 – 27

(*Thomas Chandler Haliburton, the Attaché second series, II, 112-114:)

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