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Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Windsor,  Nova  Scotia, Canada – c. 1800
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Marriages & Births
Pisiquid (Windsor)

TCH French/
English Conflict

at Fort Edward



Acadian – Marriages and Births – Pisiquid (Windsor)

Boudrot, Antoine & Brasseau, Cecile
Thier Issue:
Boudrot, Victor B : 1728 Pisiquid

Boudrot, Pierre & Hbert, Madeleine
Their Issue:
Boudrot, Basile B : 1718 Pisiquid
Boudrot, Brigitte B : (about) 1728 Pisiquid
Boudrot, Madeleine B : (about) 1731 Pisiquid

Boudrot, Franois & Doiron, Anglique
Their Issue:
Boudrot, Genevive B: 1721 Pisiquid
Boudrot, Alexandre B: 1723 Pisiquid
(D: 1756 Bristol, England)
Boudrot, Flix B: 1729 Pisiquid
Boudrot, Charles B: 1733 Pisiquid
Boudrot, Marie B: 1737 Pisiquid

Boudrot, Joseph & LeBlanc, Anne
Their Issue:
Boudrot, Madeleine B: (about) 1726 Pisiquid
Boudrot, Anne B: 1729 Pisiquid
Boudrot, Claire B: 1732 Pisiquid
Boudrot, Marguerite B: 1743 Pisiquid

Boudrot, Charles & Corporon, Marie
Their Issue:
Boudrot, Paul B: 1703 Pisiquid

Boudrot, Victor & Hbert, Catherine
M – 7 Jan 1752 in Port-Lajoie, Ile Saint-Jean, Acadia
(Victor B-1728 Pisiquid, Acadia)

Hbert, Jean & Doucet, Anne
Their Issue:
Hbert, Madeleine

Boudrot, Basile & Girouard, Marguerite
M – 1743
(Basile B- 1718 Pisiquid)
Their Issue:
Boudrot, Pierre Paul
Birth : 1744 Pisiquid, Acadia
Boudrot, Marie Josephe
Birth : 1748 Pisiquid, Acadia
Boudrot, Euphrosine
Birth : 1750 Pisiquid, Acadia
Boudrot, Marguerite

Landry, Basile & Boudrot, Brigitte
(Brigitte – B : ABT 1728 Pisiquid)

Landry, Joseph & Boudrot, Madeleine
(Madeleine B : 1731(about) Pisiquid

Doiron, Abraham & Babin, Anne
Their Issue:
Doiron, Anglique

Vincent, Pierre & Boudrot, Genevive
(Genevive B: 1721 Pisiquid)

Vincent, Madeleine & Boudrot, Alexandre
(Alexandre – B : 1723 Pisiquid)
(Death : 1756 Bristol, England

Boudrot, Flix & LeBlanc, Marie Josephe
Marriage: 2 MAY 1748 in the parish of
Assumption, Pisiguit, Acadia
(Flix-B : 1729 Pisiquid)
Their Issue:
Boudrot, Fliciti
Birth : 1753 Pisiquid, Acadia
Boudrot, Joseph Simon
Birth : 1764 Pisiquid, Acadia

Boudrot, Charles & Trahan, Agnes
Marriage: 1758 in Bristol, England
(Charles B : 1733 Pisiquid)

Thriault, Charles & Boudrot, Marie
Marriage: 1758 in Bristol, England
(Marie B : 1737 Pisiquid)

LeBlanc, Jean & Richard, Marguerite
Their Issue:
LeBlanc, Anne
LeBlanc, Claude Andre

Trahan, Blaise & Boudrot, Madeleine
Marriage: (about) 1748 in Grand-Pr, Acadia
(Madeleine B : (about) 1726 Pisiquid)

Trahan, Joseph & Boudrot, Anne
(Anne B : 1729 Pisiquid)

Gautrot, Joseph & Boudrot, Claire
(Claire B : 1732 Pisiquid)

LeBlanc, Olivier & Boudrot, Marguerite
M: 1764 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(Marguerite B: 1743 Pisiquid)

Thibodeau, Pierre & Bourg, Anne
Their Issue:
Thibodeau, Pierre
Thibodeau, Jean Baptiste

Boudrot, Paul & Doiron, Madeleine Joseph
M (about) 1731
(Paul B : 1703 Pisiquid)
Their Issue:
Boudrot, Marie Josephe
Boudrot, Marguerite
Birth : 1735 Pisiquid, Acadia
Boudrot, Franoise
Birth : 1738 Pisiquid, Acadia
Boudrot, Jean Charles
Birth : 1740 Pisiquid, Acadia
Boudrot, Anne
Birth : 1745 Pisiquid, Acadia
Boudrot, Basile
Birth : 1748 Pisiquid, Acadia

Doiron, Charles & Gaudet, Franoise
Their Issue:
Doiron, Madeleine Joseph

Bugeot, Alain & Melanson, Isabelle
Their Issue:
Bugeot, Olier

Compilation of Data –

Genealogy Data – Pisiquid, Acadia


Encyclopedia of Acadian Life: Pisiguit


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