Evolution Of Canada’s Great Winter Game – Ice Hockey by Garth Vaughan © 1999

Image of boys playing hockey in front of the Stannus Street rink
Stannus Street Rink

Stannus Street Rink, Windsor – Built 1870 – Oldest standing Wooden Rink in Canada.

Ice Hockey was not invented, nor did it start on a certain day of a particular year. It originated circa 1800 with students at Canada’s first college, King’s College, when they adapted the exciting field game of Hurley to the ice of their favorite skating pond. They originated a new winter game, Ice Hurley, which gradually developed into Ice Hockey. Thomas Chandler Haliburton, of Windsor, who was the first Canadian to acquire international acclaim as a writer, and who wrote the first history of Nova Scotia, told of King’s boys being first to play “hurley on the ice”. This is the earliest reference in English literature to a stick-ball game being played on ice. The development of Ice Hurley into Ice Hockey is chronicled in the newspapers of Nova Scotia, the first province to be developed in the country. The first equipment with which Ice Hockey was played naturally developed in Nova Scotia as well. “Hockey” skates, “Hockey”sticks, wooden “Hockey”pucks, “Hockey” goal nets, as well as the position of Rover, and the early rules of the game all developed in Nova Scotia as one would expect. Nova Scotians were also first to use the forward pass and to allow the goal keeper down on the ice to protect his “goal”.

Evolution Section Summary:

Stick Ball Games
Ice Hockey Equip 11c-1861
Ice Hockey Equip 1863-1899
Ice Hockey Equip 1900-1912
Ice Hockey Equip 1912-1960
Evolution of the Team
Rules of Hockey 1859
Rules of Hurley
Rules of Hockey 1877
Halifax Hockey Club Rules
Rules of Hockey 1899
Montreal Rules
Onside and Forward Pass
From Bully to Faceoff
Glossary: Ice Hockey Terms A-N
Glossary: Ice Hockey Terms 0-Z
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