Ice Hockey Equipment 1900 – 1912

Evolution Section 3 – the early 1900s

Early 1900s – Bob Skates – double bladed stable runners, used as children learned to skate.

Bob Skate – Eaton’s Catalogue – 1925 ad
1900 – “Hockey” Tube Skates – “Silver King” – invented by Starr Mfg. Co., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia .

Starr “Silver King” Tube skate ad 1925
1904 – Hockey Gauntlets – Padded Hockey Gloves invented – sold at Eaton’s for $1.75/pair

Gauntlets 1904
1907 – Wider Goal Tender Stick now widely accepted – wide on one side only

Nova Scotia Goal Stick 1907
1908 – Starr Goal-Tender Skates with ‘Puck Stop’ on Blade – $2.00/pair – boots not included. Another Nova Scotian Ice Hockey invention
Starr “Centaur” Goal-Tender Skates with ‘Puck Stop’ on Blade 1908


1910 – Short Pants and Long Stockings. Around 1910, players who had begun wearing shin pads beneath stockings began using padded short pants. Soon, pieces of cane were incorporated into the fabric as added protection. Called “Hockey Knickers”, available at Eaton’s for $1.00 a pair.

Short Hockey Pants
1910 – Knee Pads made of padded leather, held on with leather buckled straps

Short Pants and Leather Knee Pads adopted in 1910
1912 – Shin Pads worn beneath stockings and held in place with circular garters made from inner tubes.1912 – Full length Hockey Stockings available at Eaton’s for $ .75/pair – Go with short pants!

Circular Garters cut from automobile inner tubes, secured combination knee and shin pads worn beneath full length stockings.
1912 – Goal Tender’s Leg Pads available at Eaton’s for $3.50 – $4.50/pair. Replaced Cricket Pads

Goal Keepers “Leg Guards”

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