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Rules of Hurley

Rules of Hockey

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The Rules of Hurley
The WHHS thanks the "The Gealic Athletic Association" for the following information

The original rules of the GAA for Hurling were first written in the year 1887 and were subsequently published in the "United Ireland" magazine on the 7th February 1887.

  1. The ground shall, when convenient, be at least 200 yards long by 150 yards broad, or at least to that size as can be got.

  2. There shall be boundary lines all around the ground, at a distance of at least five yards from the fence.

  3. The goal shall be two upright posts, twenty feet apart, with a cross-bar ten feet from the ground. A goal is won when the ball is driven between the posts and under the cross-bar.

  4. The ball is not to be lifted off the ground by the hand, when in play.

  5. There shall not be less than fourteen or more than twenty one players at the side in regular matches.

  6. There shall be an umpire for each side and a referee who will decide in cases where the umpires disagree. The referee keeps the time and throws up the ball at the commencement of each goal.

  7. The time of play shall be one hour and twenty minutes. Sides to be changed at half time.

  8. Before commencing play hurlers shall draw up in two lines in the centre of the field opposite to each other and catch hands or hurleys across, then separate. The referee then throws the ball along the ground between the players or up high over their heads.

  9. No player to catch, trip or push from behind. Penalty, disqualification to the offender and free puck to the opposite side.

  10. No player to bring his hurley intentionally in contact with the person of another player. Penalty, same as in Rule 9.

  11. If the ball is driven over the sideline it shall be thrown in towards the middle of the ground by the referee or one of the umpires; but if it rebounds into the ground it shall be considered in play.

  12. If the ball is driven over the end lines and not through the goal, the player who is defending the goal shall have a free puck from the goal. No player of the opposite side to approach nearer than twenty yards until the ball is struck. The other players to stand on the goal-line. But if the ball is driven over the goal-line by a player whose goal it is, the opposite side shall have a free puck on the ground twenty yards out from the goal posts. Players whose goal it is to stand on the goal-line until the ball is struck. N.B. – Hitting both right and left is allowable.

Taken from "The Gealic Athletic Association" website


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