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Birthplace of Hockey Hall of Fame

The individuals and teams noted below have been inducted into the Windsor Hockey Heritage Society’s Hockey Hall of Fame over the course of the past 20 plus years.

Each member and team has contributed significantly to the development of the game on a local and or international level.

It is with great pride and appreciation that we salute them for the dedication and never ending love of the game and sport as well as the communities for whom they played.

Blaine Sexton
Gordon “Doggie” Kuhn
Ernest “Ernie” Mosher
Harry Hatchard
Carl “Chook” Smith
Murray “Moe” Smith
Saint Clair “Bill” Foley
Frank Poole
Jacques Allard
Munro MacDonald
Laurie Burbidge
Arnold “Arnie” Edwards
Robert “Bob” Huggins
Johan A. “Jack” Williams
Victor “Vic” McCann
William “Bill” Singer
Lewis “Lew” Shaw
John Scott
Joseph “Joey” Dill
Windsor Academy Hockey Team
Kathryn “Kay” Anslow
Ellen “Minnie” (Meagher) Alexander
George “Pork” Smith
Frank “Gunner” Clarke
Roy “Dynie” Rafuse
Foyce Crowell
James “Jim” Bacon
Frank Barteaux
Earl Hood
John Paris Jr.
Joseph “Joey” Robertson
Marie (Sexton) Musser
Alvin “Ab” Ettinger
Harry Ettinger
Myron “Muck” Reading
Walter “Mutt” Aker
R.W. “Bud” Johnston
James “Jimmy” Pineo
Windsor Maple Leaf’s Team
Donald “Donny” Lockhart
Georges Guilbault
Harry “Had” Fogarty
Willard Bishop
Red Storey
Lloyd Zwicker
Maritime Colored League
(1900 – 1920)
John “Buster” Paris
Al Hollingsworth
J.G.A. Creighton
Burt Sleep
Fred Lynch
K.C.S. Team 1965 – 1966
Hazel (Sexton) Wilcox
Marie (Sexton) Dill
Jim Wilcox
Bill Boyd
Brian Redden
Richard Redden
Howie Fish
David Boyd
Ken Heywood
Dave Andrews
Clifford “Cliff” Shand
Everett “Chubb” Reading
Ellis “Etch” Sheehy
Robert “Bobby” Dill
Randall “Jake” Miller
Dave “Hammer” Shultz
Charles Schultz
Royals Juvenile Hockey Team 1948
Royals Bantam Hockey Team 1961
Dave Albon
Roseanne Wentzell
Brian Rafuse
Windsor Royals Bantam Team
(1965 – 1966)
Windsor Royals Junior “B” Team
(1967 – 1968)
Windsor Royals Junior “B” Team
(1968 – 1969)
Hants West Bantam Flames
(1986 – 1987)
Max Noseworthy
Ray Lake
Percy “Bud” Millett
Brian “Mouse” Mosher
Wayne Northrup
Frank “Junior” Moore
Kevin Harvey – Allen Cup
World’s Longest Game
Windsor Alpines
Brad Park
Yvon Lambert
Len Hawley


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