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African Nova Scotia Hockey History

African Nova Scotia Hockey History

African-Nova Scotian Team Composit of News Clipping and Photo
African-Nova Scotian Team
Composit of News Clipping and Photo

“Colored Hockey Championship of the Maritimes” – Team Photo

1741 – First African Nova Scotian settlers in Nova Scotia from Africa.

1780s – United Empire Black Loyalists arrived from America following the Revolutionary War.

1812 – Two thousand African Nova Scotians arrived in Nova Scotia from America.

1890s – African Nova Scotians in Nova Scotia played hockey and formed teams. The games were segregated.

1900 – African Nova Scotians formed a league of their own called “The Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes”; quite likely the only “Colored” Hockey League in the World. There were teams at Halifax, Africville, Hammond’s Plains, Dartmouth, Truro, Amherst and Charlottetown, P.E.I.. They played a good brand of hockey, drew large crowds to games and provided entertainment before games and between periods with races, chases, and acrobatics. Games were on an invitational basis and no trophy was used. They were first to allow the goal tender to drop to the ice to stop the puck – not allowed in NHL until 1917. Last games in this league appear to have been played in 1920.

William “Billy” Oliver on the Acadia Team of 1934 (pictured front row second from the right)

1933-34 – William “Billy” Oliver of Wolfville, Nova Scotia, played Water Polo and Hockey for Acadia University Senior Hockey Team.

1938-39 – John Paris of Windsor, N.S. played for Bulldogs in Windsor Town League.



1945-46 – John Paris returned from overseas duty with West Nova Scotia Regiment and played for Wildcats in Windsor Town League.

1950s – Chook Maxwell in Truro, N.S.

1955-56 – Stan “Chook” Maxwell played in Quebec Junior League for Quebec Citadels, Montreal Royals, & Three Rivers. Next, he played in Quebec Senior League for Chicoutimi

1955-56; Quebec Aces 1956-59; Kingston Frontenacs 1959-61; Hull-Ottawa Canadiens 1961-62. Then he moved to Los Angeles Blades 1961-65; Toledo Blades 1966-1971.

John Paris Jr.

1960s – John Paris Jr. in Windsor School

1962-64 – John Paris Jr. of Windsor, N.S. played hockey for Windsor Royals Midgets Minor Hockey Team and was scouted by Scotty Bowman for Junior Canadiens organization. He went to play in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Played Junior A and then Senior Hockey with Quebec Aces. Later became coach in Quebec and Scout for St. Louis Blues 1987-1991.

1994 – John Paris Jr. became first African Canadian head coach in professional hockey as he joined Atlanta Knights (NHL Florida Panthers Farm Team) and led them to I. H. L. Championship.

Percy Paris King's College School Hockey Team 1965-66
Percy Paris King’s College School Hockey Team 1965-66



1964-65 – Percy Paris of Windsor, N.S. son of John, played for King’s College School in Windsor, N.S.





Mike Paris
Mike Paris









John: Buster” Paris


John “Buster” Paris 2001

2001, March 3 – John “Buster” Paris inducted into the Birthplace of Hockey Hall of Fame as a “Builder”.





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