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Nova Scotia’s Hockey Ambassadors

In the “Nova Scotian Ambassadors” we showcase photos of some hockeyists and teams that show us the equipment used as the recreational game of their time progressed toward the hotly contested competitive game we know today. It was a time when spectators were learning to understand the rules of the game, to visually follow the puck and to develop an allegiance to particular teams. Newspaper journalists had to develop new ways of describing the action of a game they were learning about for the first time as well. Some of their word pictures are hilariously funny when compared to the descriptions we’ve come to accept as the norm in modern times.

Some “Nova Scotian Hockey Ambassadors” instrumental in introducing the game of Ice Hockey to the world have already been discussed in the Origin section:

1. The boys of King’s College School who first started “playing hurley on the ice on long pond” as told to us by Judge Thomas Chandler Haliburton.

2. James George Aylwin Creighton’s who introduced the game to Montreal and Ottawa.

3. Roddy McColl taught his fellow RMC students the game in Kingston.

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