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James G. A. Creighton – Ottawa

J.G.A. Creighton, C.M.G., K.C.

Canada’s ‘Father of Organized Hockey’ – Nova Scotia’s ‘First Hockey Export’

(Ice Hockey Arrives in Ottawa – 1884 (the Stanley Cup)
J.G.A. Creighton graduated with a Law Degree from McGill University in 1880 and practiced Law with a firm in Montreal until he accepted a position as Law Clerk of the Senate and moved to Ottawa in 1884. There he continued his interest in Ice Hockey and joined with young parliamentarians and government ‘aides de camp’ to form a team called the Rideau Hall Rebels, naming themselves after one of Ottawa’s fine government buildings. That team played games in and around Ottawa and became well known. Creighton befriended young William and Arthur Stanley, sons of the Governor General, who played with him for the Rebels. It was because of these circumstances that Lord Stanley became thrilled with the game and presented a trophy to designate the amateur Ice Hockey championship of Canada, the Lord Stanley Challenge Cup. Known today as the Stanley Cup!

Creighton played an ambassadorial role for Nova Scotia as he introduced Ice Hockey to the province of Quebec. Generally known as ‘The Father of Organized Hockey’, Creighton was Canada’s first Ice Hockey team builder, playing coach, trainer, and winning captain. As such, he should qualify as an honored member of Canada’s Hockey Hall of Fame, but has not yet been recognized nationally for his magnificent contribution to the game and to the culture of the nation, and indeed, to the culture of the world.

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