Blaine N. Sexton

Blaine Nathaniel Sexton

Blaine Nathaniel Sexton - Windsor Swastikas 1912
Blaine Nathaniel Sexton – Windsor Swastikas 1912

Blaine Nathaniel Sexton -“B.N.S” of Windsor, Nova Scotia made a major contribution to Ice Hockey over the years. As a youth, he attended King’s College School where the game originated. He starred playing for the college team and later for Windsor’s noted senior team, the ‘Swastikas’. Then came The Great War at which time he went overseas in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Remaining in England following the war, he organized the London Lions Ice Hockey Team which dominated the European Ice Hockey scene in the 1920s-30s after the Oxford Blues had set the stage for British championships. According to newspaper accounts of the era, Sexton was the fastest skater, best stick-handler, highest scoring, one-man rush artist on European ice surfaces for nearly two decades. British and European journalists honed their sports writing skills while reporting the new game from Nova Scotia by attempting to describe Sexton’s ice antics and triumphs.

B.N.Sexton became a member of the British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame in 1950. He became a member of the Birthplace of Hockey Hall of Fame in Windsor, N.S. in 1993.

Sexton’s Leather Puck

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