Canning 1902

Canning Hockey Team 1902
Canning Hockey Team 1902

Canning Hockey team 1902

1- Dr. H.M. Jaques (capt.), Left Wing, 2- R.S. Kinsman, Right Wing
3- H. Fellows, Goal, 4- C.L. Hubbard, Manager,
5- H. Northup, Rover, 6- W. Parker, Cover Point
7- L.E. Baxter, Centre, 8- B. Cox, Point
9- V.B. Eaton, Spare Man

Wearing the same jerseys and padded trousers they used for
Football / Rugby, these Canning, Nova Scotia atheletes also wore “Hockey Boots” with thin soles to which they attached
Starr Hockey Skates with “Self-Fastening” Spring-Attachments.
Seven “Hockeyists”=Players and a Spare, completed the team
which played the entire game of two thirty minute periods
with a ten minute break.

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