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Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Windsor,  Nova  Scotia, Canada – c. 1800
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1880s Nova Scotian Hockey Team
1880s Nova Scotian Hockey Team

1880s Hockey Team Features

Skates were attached with small screws to boots, bought separately. The handles of sticks were rounded – later made rectangular for better grip. The players have bare hands as padded hockey gauntlets did not appear until 1904. Players sometimes used leather work gloves or mittens. Short shin pads, worn outside of stockings and held in place with leather buckled straps, were not worn by all players. Most Goal Tenders used cricket pads into the early 1900s as they would not be used otherwise through the winter months. Larger Ice Hockey Goal Tender Pads appeared around 1900. Most goal tenders used ordinary hockey stick until early 1900. Winnipeg Victorias used wider blade beginning in 1893, and, from review of photos, appear to have been first to do so. Heavy hand-knit turtle neck sweaters were the only form of body protection. Long trousers or over-the-knee jodhpurs were commonly used. Short trousers appeared of necessity around 1915 when knee pads were invented and began to be worn under long stockings.


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