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League Format

The HTHL plays round-robin tournaments every other week. Because not everyone can show up each week, the league uses a modified scoring system based on the Molson Cup/three-star scoring system in the NHL as adapted by the Lemont Table Hockey League. The players get a point for showing up each week and compete for extra points based on the total number of players present that week. If 10 players show up, for example, the winner would get an extra five points, the second place finisher four points, and so on.


Halifax Table Hockey League – New Rules of Play

1 – The duration of a game is five (5) minutes. Play is more or less continuous.
Timekeeping will stop only when:
– the player in possession of the puck calls a time-out (only one (1) time-out per player allowed during a game)
– a part of the game breaks (ie. a player leaves its base).
The game may end under regulation time when a 10 goal differential is reached between the two players. (Regular season only, not in playoffs) If the score is tied after five minutes, the game ends in a tie. In the playoffs, overtime will be played until a goal is scored.

2 – Play is started with both centermen faced off outside the circle at center ice. The puck is placed at center ice and the game started by an audible sound. (Timer alarm or someone in the area yelling "GO")

3 – The playing figure in possession of the puck has 5 seconds to pass or shoot the puck. For a first offense, the referee will give a warning. If it occurs again, during this game, a penalty shot will be given to the opposing player that will have 5 seconds to shoot at the goal. If the player comes back towards the blue line, the shot will be cancelled.

4 – After play starts, no player can put their hands inside the playing surface except to replace a figure that has become loose or separated from its base. That player must have possession of the puck and must make the replacement without delay. The referee can call a timeout if necessary.

5 – After a goal is scored or when the puck goes out of play, the referee will instantly face off a puck at center ice to prevent any waste of time. If a referee is not available the person who scored or shot the puck out of play drops the puck for the face off. Play is continuous.

6 – ALL shots resulting in the puck staying in the goal cage count, except when the puck leaves the playing area and hits an object or person then returns to the ice. An "in and out" shot is not counted and play continues uninterupted. Goals scored within the first 3 seconds following a face off do not count. The puck must be given to the referee to drop at center ice. (See rule #5) Play is continuous.

7 – If the puck gets in a position that it can not be played, "freezing" is called. The referee should retrieve the puck and instantly have a face-off at center ice.

8 – If a goal is scored during the signal of the end of a period or a game, that goal will not count.

9 – At the end of each game, the referee or players shall write the score on the score sheet provided.

10 – Have FUN!

Bonus – Score Sheet. Print it out and play!