Boston RBC II U.S. Open Gatineau
Jr. Gelinas Ken Dubois Ken Dubois Bruce Turner
Ken Dubois Jr. Gelinas Bruce Turner Bernie Kunzler
Bruce Turner Bruce Turner Graham Barber Ken Dubois
Steve Bernstein Hughes Dery Bernie Kunzler Jr. Gelinas
Ron Marsik Bernie Kunzler Steve Bernstein Steve Bernstein
Graham Barber Mario Myre Ron Marsik Phan Quoc Van
Roger Owens Steve Bernstein Bob Chargo Hughes Dery
Dustin Sweeny Jacques Plourde Al Cousineau Steve Levesque
Bob Bernstein Denis Maille Jeff Puopulo Richard Viau
Steve Puopulo Hughes Lelièvre Scott Pytlewski Pascal Theriault
Dale Ostrander Phan Quoc Van Jim Rzonca Eric DesJardins
Len Mecca Jocelyn Corbeil Ron Chesick Ron Chesick
Sam Loflin Eric Chesick Pierre Chastenais Dave Decrozant
Al Cousineau Pierre Chastenais Eric Krol Mike Caponetti
Calvin Rollins Richard St-Laurent Joe Salazar Ronald Sequin
Scott Fitzgerald Ron Chesick Calvin Rollins Christian Gravel

This is a list of the top 16 players in the last four tournaments. In order to have a tournament that is sanctioned by the CTHA, you need to have at least 6 players that have finished in the top 16 in a sanctioned tournament. All the names in red represent the 41 different players who have acheived this (finish in the top 16.) The names in black are people who have placed in the top 16 more than once.