Murray “Moe” Smith – a Windsor NS hockey legend

Moe Smith and Chook Smith

Murray “Moe” Smith (R), and Carl “Chook” Smith (L), at the grand opening of the Birthplace of Hockey Museum in 2011


Murray “Moe” Smith was a legend in Windsor hockey. He was a member of the Nova Scotia champion Windsor Academy Juvenile team of 1942, and is best known for his decades long coaching tenure. Smith died in 2014 at the age of 87.

John Paris Jr. writes in his book They Called Me Chocolate Rocket: “The epicenter of minor sports in Windsor was Murray ‘Moe’ Smith. For baseball as well as hockey, Moe was the man. ‘Coaching minor hockey is certainly a privilege and a joy,’ he once declared to the local weekly newspaper.

Moe was not long-winded. in fact, he was kind of a loner. But he understood sports and he understood us. He’d skate us hard during practices and teach positional play, basic skills and responsibilities away from the puck. Otherwise, Moe just let us play. He rarely scolded or screamed at a player and we worked our butts off for him. During games he’d keep his instructions simple: ‘turn it up,’ or ‘let’s go boys,’ or ‘pick it up now,’ or ‘stay out of the box.’ Stuff like that.

Moe let me hang around his family’s sporting goods store downtown where he often gave me any stick I wanted. Other than an occasional errand, I don’t remember doing much to earn those sticks. If I was there and he was eating, then I was eating, too. I wasn’t the only kid he treated this way. On his teams the skates were always sharp and the sweaters clean and mended. Never a charge.”

Windsor Academy Juvenile Hockey Team. Nova Scotia Champs in 1942. Moe Smith -bottom, third from right.

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