Hot Stove Room

A common and popular gathering space in many older homes was the hot stove room. It was central for families to meet over conversation for warmth and dinner.

In winter, for early hockey enthusiasts, it served as a place for for drying out the cold hockey clothes after a game on the ice along with lively discussion of the afternoon’s events.

This is an image of the Hot Stove Room of as part of Haliburton House. It provides a natural and welcome entry point into the the Windsor Hockey Heritage Center.

This room is host to diverse collection of early hockey artifacts. The display surrounds the the stove including, trophies, photos of local hockey greats and some of the original wooden sole, leather-strap bladed skates.

Valley Maple Leaf and Wolfville Falcon Game Programs


A selection of local game programs.

These particular ones are for contests between the famed Windsor Maple Leafs against the Wolfville Falcons and as well as the University team of the Acadia Axemen


Hants Journal Proclaiming Maritime Title Victory for the Windsor Maple Leafs



A select photo of the championship announcement – Windsor Wins Maritime Title – in the local Hants Journal from 1957-1958.


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