The Attic

For many a trip to the attic can conjure up images of trunks and boxes as well as odd unpacked items from days gone by. It is that place where you go looking for lost, forgotten or stored ‘things’ that you just don’t use so often anymore.

The attic of the Windsor Hockey Heritage Museum is just such a place. It serves as a host to some of the hockey treasure from early teams in the late 1800’s to more modern memorabilia of our recent past.

Invariably you will find something you didn’t expect, and just maybe, you will find exactly what you were looking for as well.


On initial entry into the Attic you are immediately greeted with a blend of hockey’s most recent past.

A barrel of sticks, older goalie masks and NHL items are outlined with by the back-wall jerseys worn by local greats that played on the local ice and even abroad.


Who doesn’t remember listening to the play-by-play on the radio when local television wasn’t broadcasting the game? Perhaps it was overtime on a school night and your parents just couldn’t let you stay up any later. Turn the dial – volume on low – can’t get caught listening under the covers. Hockey cards in hand, find a channel without static to hear the excited play-by-play.