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Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Windsor,  Nova  Scotia, Canada

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Drawing of Early Origin of Ice Hockey

c. 1800, Ice Hockey had its origin in Windsor, Nova Scotia. King’s College School Boys began adapting the Irish field game of Hurley to the ice…more

Hand Carved Mi'kmaq Hockey Sticks Evolution of Ice Hockey


Ice Hockey was not invented it was adapted and developed over a number of years, even as it continues to develop now. “Hockey” skates, “Hockey”sticks, wooden “Hockey”pucks, “Hockey” goal nets, and the early rules of the game all originated in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotians were also first to use the forward pass and to allow the goal keeper down on the ice to protect his “goal”….more

Hockeyists, Ice Hockey’s Early Players and Promoters


Early in the development of the game of Ice Hockey those playing the game became referred to as ‘Hockeyists’. In the Hockeyists section we celebrate the men’s and women’s teams, the Mi’kmaq and African Nova Scotian history of the sport and gave credit to those pioneers of the game….more

Fort Edward Block House, Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada – a Brief History


Windsor, Nova Scotia is referred to as "The Little Town of Big Firsts" because of the several things that began here before they began elsewhere….more

The Windsor Hockey Heritage Society – WHHS


Supporting Hockey for Youth – the Originators of Canada’s Great National Game….more

Welcome to birthplaceofhockey.com ! Tap into the romance of the game. Check out the roots of Canada’s great official winter sport. This web site is your definitive guide to the origin of ice hockey – a real treasure trove of information of the early game, photos of teams, players and equipment. Learn about home-made wooden pucks, sticks hand-carved by the Mi’kmaq of Acadia, and block skates forged by local blacksmiths as the game took form in the early 1800s. Get in touch with world-famous Starr Hockey Skates made and used in Nova Scotia a decade before the game was played in Montreal and two decades before it reached Kingston, Ontario. Familiarize yourself with Windsor, Nova Scotia, The Little Town of Big Firsts, one of America’s oldest and most outstanding towns where much happened long before it happened elsewhere in Canada – including Ice Hockey.

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For a more detailed description of site content,
please consult the Site Map.

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