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Long Pond Classic 2012

The Long Pond Heritage Classic was initiated as a winter fund raising event in support of the Windsor Hockey Heritage Society and the Birthplace of Hockey. The inaugural event was held on February 11, 2012

Credit for the event due to the collaborative effort of many individuals and companies. The idea itself was generated following a telephone conversation between Mark Cullen and Jeff Redden of Home Hardware. Resulting from this conversation a organizing team was put together to host its first annual Long Pond Heritage Classic.

During its initial year, 72 players and a collection of sponsor supporters came together on Long Pond to play a game of ice hockey where it all began some 200 years ago. Images below reflect the initial 6 teams as well as photos from the overall event.

Team Photos: 2012

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Photos Credits: Avard Woolaver

Event Photos: 2012

Photos Credits: Avard Woolaver

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