Oldest Active Hockey Player In Nova Scotia or perhaps CANADA?

Mike Campbell, New Waterford 90 year old hockey player
Mike Campbell still playing hockey at 90. (CTV News Screenshot)

“Mike Cambell, 90 years old of New Waterford, Nova Scotia still to this very day straps on the gear and laces up the skates in scheduled Old-Timers hockey games in Cape Breton. He could very well be the oldest active hockey player,not only in Nova Scotia..but all of Canada?

Initial research by Danny Dill, (Long Pond,Windsor,N.S.), so far seems to support this amazing Canadian hockey feat.To date, Dill has learned that the next two closest “oldest” active hockey players are both 88 years of age: Mr.Al Peppard from Middleton,N.S. and Mr. Doug Palmer,Montreal,who is originally from Windsor,N.S. We will be sure to update as we learn more in the quest for the “Grand-Daddy of Canadian Hockey”.

This story was originally reported by ATV news Jan 5, 2016. To read the story and view the video visit: Atlantic CTV News Cape Breton Man Still Playing at 90

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