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Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Windsor,  Nova  Scotia, Canada – c. 1800
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King’s College

KCS Team 1906
King’s College 1800
King’s Collegiate
Gov. Genl. 1912
Sleigh Ride 1803
King’s Ad 1939


King's College Advertisement 1939
King’s College Advertisement 1939

"The Old King’s College at Windsor, Nova Scotia, founded in 1788 by Act of the Legislature of Nova Scotia, with doors open to students in 1789 – George III granted it a Royal Charter in 1802 – On Feb. 5 1920, the old building was destroyed by fire. In 1923 the corner stone of a new building was laid and the old site was later used for the new Collegiate School Residence. In 1930 work was begun on the present King’s College building on Dalhousie University ground. The original corner stone was removed from Windsor and placed in the new building."

For More on King’s-Edgehill School today, see "Hockeyists" Links



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