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Part 1
Starr Skates

1893 Starr
1893 Starr
Racing Skates
Acme Club
ankle support
we do not attach
Metal Ankle Support
Ladies Starr
Women’s Skate Outfit
Men’s Skate Outfit
Silver King 1900
1927 Starr/Bruins
Free Skates Ad
Childs Bob Skates

Part 2
Sticks, Pucks,

Part 3
Windsor Ads

Part 4
Cards, Posters



Free Starr Hockey Skates 1913
Free Starr Hockey Skates 1913

Halifax, N.S. Fri. Dec. 5, 1913,
Hockey Skates Free

To any boy or girl who will sell 30 sets of our handsome embossed
Xmas Postcards at 10 cents a set (6 lovely cards in each set) we will give a pair of guarenteed Starr Hockey Skates. Rigidly built of polished Steel. Light weight. Send us your name and we will send you the cards to sell. When sold send us the money and we send you the skates, with all charges prepaid.

Homer-Warren Co., Dept. 110, Toronto


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