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List of Artifacts (Hockey Treasures)
Needed for WHHS MUSEUM

  • Hand-made Hockey Sticks, Steam-bent Sticks, Laminated Sticks

  • Old Skates – examples are:

  • Starr Skates.

  • Block/Stock Skates.

  • Skates owned by Canadian hockey heroes.

  • Skates special for some important reason, eg. Hand-made, Trade mark obvious such as "Red Horner", "Syl Apps", Eatons etc.

  • Old Hockey Game Programs – from anywhere in Canada.

  • Old Protective Equipment, triousers, gloves, jerseys, socks, shin pads, shoulder pads, helmets

  • Old Souvenirs of all types.

  • Eaton’s and Simpson’s Catalogues early 1900s to 1960s showing Hockey Equipment.

  • Other Hockey-related items that you wish to share with the visiting public.

  • Old copies of hockey magazines and Hockey News papers.

  • Things that you possess that we haven’t yet thought of !

  • Please send items to this address: Windsor Hockey Heritage Centre, P.O. Box 430, Windsor, N.S. B0N2T0 along with your name, address and phone number, and story about the item if possible. Please accept our thanks in advance and know that you will receive word from us and that a good use will be found for your gift.



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