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Hockey American Hockeyists Coming - article
Gazette, Monday, Dec. 6 – 1894

American Hockeyists Coming

Arrangements are in progress for the visit of an American Hockey team to Canada during the first week in the new year. It is proposed to play matches at Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto. Though it may not be generally known Hockey has been played considerly in some of the New England colleges, and at Brown university, Providence, R.I., the game has flourished for a long time. One of the most expert players is Mr. Malcolm G. Chase, the intercollegiate tennis champion, now of Yale.

Mr. Chase proposes to bring over a team composed of R. D. Wrean, of Harvard university, champion tennis player of the United States and the best quaterback in America; Fred. H. Hovey, of Boston, the well-known tennis player; Clarence Hobart, of New York, who holds several tennis championships; A.E. Foote of Yale, another crack tennis man and manager of the Yale football team, and four players from Brown University. This would make a strong team of good skaters. In New England the game is slightly different from our own as they play with a rubber ball instead of a puck. and a great feature of the game is to elude an opponent by hopping the ball on the ice. The American rules allow a certain amount of interference. It is proposed to play two games in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, the first being in the American style and the second under Canadian rules.

There is no doubt that the visit of such well known sportsmen, all of them good fellows, would create quite an interest and further not only in a sporting but also in a social way.

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