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The Americans
are Coming…

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Hockey and
Hot Soda

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Hfx vs Windsor

1923 – Women
Windsor vs

1923 –
Windsor VS

1931 –
by B.N. Sexton

Major Patton

" " Continued



Windsor VS Stewiacke 1923
The much talked of Ladies Hockey
Match between Stewiacke and Windsor
took place here on last Wednesday
and was a grand success in
every way except that our Ladies
were behind financially.
There were a goodly number in
attendance to see Stewiacke prove
their claim that they possessed the
best team. We are pleased to be
able to state that the visitors failled
in their attempt to down Windsor,
the home team winning 4-1.
The visitors were not without two
or three excellent stick handlers, but
our Essie was in a class by herslef
and worked through many difficult
positions to score. We noticed a
great improvement over last year in
three of our players and their assistance
was valuable. The defense
worked well in its blocking and rushed
whenever an opportunity offered.
Windsor’s scores were as follows:
E. Mounce, 3; Nano Ward, 1.
The Lone tally made by Stewiacke
was scored by E. Magga.
Last year Halifax fell before our
Ladies Team, who will now claim the
Cahmpionship and Meet all comers.
Mr. V.G. Smith reffered the match.

(Judy) 1923


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