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WHHS – Photo Collection

The photos of Ice Hockey Teams of bygone days shown on this internet site are precious treasures from the Windsor Hockey Heritage Society’s Museum. They are on display in the museum for visitors to see as they arrive from all corners of the world. The photos are visual proof of the outfits, equipment – or lack of equipment – worn by players who pioneered the development and spread of the game. Every photo is worth a thousand words, in explaining the nature of the game in the early years. These photos have all been donated to the WHHS, one or two at a time by interested fans who want to share their treasures with others. They have arrived from all parts of the country including British Columbia. The WHHS is developing wonderful collections of photos of teams and individual players that depict special features concerning appearance, outfits, and equipment. In particular, photos of Women’s Hockey Teams, Black Hockey Teams, late 1800s and early 1900s teams and individual players and groups of fans are of great interest to visitors. Any such photos that you possess which you would enjoy sharing with the rest of the world’s hockey fans will be accepted gratefully by mail. A receipt will be mailed to you and your name will be recorded as the donor of the photo as it is displayed in the museum and on the internet.


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