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Red Storey’s Whistle
by Garth Vaughan

Red Storey

Red Storey was the most colorful referee ever to officiate for the NHL. He was chief referee from 1950 until he quit in 1959 because NHL President Clarence Campbell wouldn’t back him on an officiating decision. Red was inducted into the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame in 1967, and given the Order of Canada by Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn on April 29, 1992. His three-touchdown fourth quarter as a Toronto Argos player against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 1938 Grey Cup gave him an induction into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. He proudly wears two Hall of Fame gold bands on his left and right ring fingers and an Order of Canada lapel pin wherever he goes. Since retirement, he has refereed over 2000 charity games, and given more than 3000 speeches at fund raising dinners. One of the most recent of those was in Windsor on March 3 when he attended the Ninth Annual Birthplace of Hockey Banquet. As all 350 people who attended know, he had an accident in the Halifax International Airport when he tripped over the foot of one of a number of young hockey players, in transit, who recognized him and sought his autograph. He suffered a severe nose bleed and black eye as a result and required hospital treatment before and after the banquet, to control the bleeding. Being the trooper that he is, he addressed the banquet crowd briefly anyway. His injury required him to remain in Windsor for two additional days before he was allowed to fly home.

Dilly Whistle 1920s

He made a visit to the Hockey Museum and was fascinated to see the silver "Dilly Whistle" used by Frank Poole as he refereed in the Annapolis Valley Senior League in the 1920-30s, and the whistle used by Walter Stephens in the 1940-50s. I happened to remark that he must have an old whistle stashed away in his bureau drawer that he wouldn’t mind donating to us to add to our collection. He paused and then said, "How did you know it’s in my bureau drawer?" My response was, "Because that’s where we commonly put our treasures so that the burglars will know where to find them when they break into our homes!" Red eventually got back to his home and his wife Bunny in Montreal and as a result of our visit to the museum, he forwarded to me his whistle, which to my amazement, is the only whistle he ever used in his nine years in the NHL.

Red Storey's Whistle Red Storey’s Whistle

Now that’s what I call a real "hockey treasure" and "gift-supreme" from one fine gentleman, Windsor’s newest friend and member of the Birthplace of Hockey Hall of Fame, Canadian Sports Legend, Red Storey. Along with the whistle, he also sent a cheque for $200.00 to help out with museum expenses.

We have twenty copies of his delightful Canadian ‘best-seller’ RED’S STORY, at the Hockey Museum which we intend to sell for him to the first to come, @ $20.00 each. The money goes to the Red Storey Meals for Children Fund which he and fellow members of the Kiwanas Club of Montreal operate for school children. Contact us if you wish to purchase one.

Bakelite Whistle 1940s


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