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Tell Us a Story

Building a Canadian Collection of Ice Hockey Pictures, Artifacts and “Tales to be Told” –

by Garth Vaughan

"Back in 1995, as I completed five years of research, during which I gathered the historical information about Ice Hockey that led to me writing my first book, The Puck Starts Here, the story of The Origin of Canada’s Great Winter game – Ice Hockey. I found that I had read and heard many fascinating stories concerning the development of the game and its equipment over a period of 200 years. I related much of that information in the book, realizing all the while that I was only scratching the surface of the hockey tales to be told. As I sent the final draft of my book to the publisher, I decided that sometime an attempt should be made to gather these stories from across Canada, province by province. While visiting bookstores from coast to coast on a Canada Council book promotion tour, I listened to many more wonderful stories from people I met. I have a feeling that a collection of stories of happenings in the early and mid 1900s will create a feeling of how the game affected Canadians as it moved from its place of origin on the east coast, to the western and northern extremities of the country. Now the time has come to gather these little gems and to share them on the internet. This will involve input from many of us who have particular hockey stories that should be shared – stories of our parents, grandparents, and friends as well as ourselves. This is your chance to tell a story, as you saw it, as it happened in your back yard, on your pond, in your rink, whatever and wherever, in this wonderful hockey country of ours. We’re asking visitors to this site to tell us hockey-related stories so that we may publish them on this site for the rest of the world’s hockey fans to read, so that all might get an impression of what hockey has meant to us as a nation. Hopefully, we can then prepare a printed archive that will offer an intimate look at this very significant part of our Canadian culture."

Tell Us A Story

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