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Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Windsor,  Nova  Scotia, Canada
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Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Hall of Fame
Members List

August 4, 1993
Blaine Nathaniel "B.N." Sexton – Player
October 9, 1993
Gordon "Doggie" Kuhn – Player
Ernest "Ernie" Mosher – Player
Harry Hatchard- Player
Carl "Chook" Smith – Player
November 12, 1994
Murray "Moe" Smith
– Player/Coach
Saint Clair "Bill" Foley – Player
Frank Poole
– Player/Referee
Jacques Allard – Player
November 11, 1995
Munro MacDonald
– Player
Laurie Burbidge – Player

Arnold "Arnie" Edwards
– Player
Robert "Bob" Huggins – Radio

John A. "Jack" Williams – Builder
February 7, 1997
Victor "Vic" McCann
– Player
William "Bill" Singer
– Player
Lewis "Lew" Shaw
– Player
John Scott
– Player
Joseph "Joey" Dill – Player
Windsor Academy Hockey Team 1957-58 – League Champions
March 6, 1998
Kathryn "Kay" Anslow – Player

Ellen "Minnie" (Meagher) Alexander
– Player
George "Pork" Smith
– Player
Frank "Gunner" Clarke
– Player
Roy "Dynie" Rafuse – Player

Foye Crowell
– Player
James "Jim" Bacon – Player

Frank Barteaux
– Player
Earle Hood
– Builder/Mgr.
John Paris
– Player/Coach
Joseph "Joey" Robertson – Player
March 27, 1999
Marie Johanna (Sexton)(Purnell) Musser
– Player
Alvin "Ab" Ettinger
– Player
Harry Ettinger
– Player
Myron "Muck" Reading – Player/Coach
Walter "Mutt" Aker – Player

R.W. "Bud" Johnston
– Builder/Coach
James "Jimmie" Pineo – Player
March 4, 2000
Windsor Maple Leafs Team 1963-64 – League
Donny Lockhart
– Player
Georges Guibault
– Player
Had Fogarty
– Player
Willard A. Bishop – Builder
March 3, 2001
Lloyd Zwicker – Builder

Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes 1900-20
– Players/Builders
Buster Paris – Builder
Al Hollingsworth
– Builder
J.G.A. Creighton – Player/Builder
Burt Sleep
– Player/Coach
Fred Lynch – Player/Builder/Referee
Red Storey – Canadian Sports Icon

K.C.S. Hockey Team 1965-66 – League Champions




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