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Windsor Hockey Heritage Society

The Windsor Hockey Heritage Society (WHHS) began meeting as a group in July 1992. In January 1993 it was officially registered as a not-for-profit society dedicated to the preservation of hockey heritage and the celebration of Windsor, Nova Scotia, as the birthplace of the game of ice hockey.

The Society operates the Birthplace of Hockey Museum in a dedicated section of the Haliburton House Museum, located on Clifton Street in Windsor.


Our Vision

To actively research and promote the proud hockey history of Windsor, in the origins of the game of ice hockey for the purpose of engaging and sharing with Nova Scotia and the world.

Our Mission

To ensure Windsor, Nova Scotia is recognized and celebrated as the Birthplace of Ice Hockey, and for its contributions to the evolution and growth of the game from Long Pond to the world.

Our Promise

Celebrating the birthplace of Canada’s favourite sport.

Our Values


We accurately represent the evolution of hockey and ensure that any communication and claims are factual and backed by evidence.


We accurately represent the evolution of hockey and ensure that any communication and claims are factual and backed by evidence.


Everyone who has been impacted by hockey has a unique story to tell. We welcome those stories and offer an inclusive environment to exchange information.


It wouldn’t be hockey without friendly rivalry. While we encourage a challenge, we stand behind the research that settles any debate of whether or not Long Pond was the place where it all began.

Canada’s Game

We strive to be the authority on the history of hockey – from the evolution of rules and equipment to the contributions from various groups that have led us to the modern game played around the world today.

Windsor Hockey Heritage Society

Board Members

The Board of Directors for the Windsor Hockey Heritage Society is represented by the following executive members and directors:

Directors and Committee Chairpersons:

Trina Norman


Paul Beazley

Vice President

Craig Martin


Barb McDonough



Justin Barron
Dan Boyd
Stan Cameron
Diana Dill
Krista Lloy
Mike Paris
Derek Parker
Phillip Scott
Dave Seeley
Avard Woolaver
1880’s Nova Scotia Hockey Team
1880’s Nova Scotia Hockey Team

Join the Team

The Windsor Hockey Heritage Society is always looking for additional members to join its team. We are grateful for the contributions we receive and we would welcome anything you wish to donate including:

  • your time as a volunteer on a committee and / or at an event,
  • hockey artifacts you have found in your attic or
  • a financial contribution to assist our ongoing operations.

If you have an interest in contributing we would be grateful to hear from you and welcome your participation.

[email protected]

Artifacts or Historical Hockey Items:  Many individuals when sorting through basements or storage will uncover items they wish to donate to the museum for broader public presentation and preservation.

If you have items that you wish to contribute to the Windsor Hockey Heritage Museum, we would be appreciative for your donation.

Volunteering your time  with others in our organization is one of the most valuable gifts that you can provide. We always need volunteers, whether it be at the museum, assisting with the newsletter, fund raising, special events, website administration and many other areas.

Financial Contributions:  As a not-for-profit organization we are highly dependent on the charity and generosity of our supporters. Our service is dependent and grateful to individuals and local organizations for our achievements to date.

If you wish to contribute to our organization, we would be very appreciative. Please give us a call or contact us with the e-form below. We look forward to working with you.

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