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Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Windsor,  Nova  Scotia, Canada – c. 1800
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Windsor, Nova Scotia , Canada:
"Little Town Of Big Firsts"
Settled – 1684 Incorporated 1878
One of the Oldest Settlements on the American Continent

Its Firsts, Its Titles,
Its Hills and Lore,
All developed on
Avon’s Shore

1755 – Site of Expulsion of Acadians by English
1760s – First export of Gypsum to American Ports
1765 – First Agricultural Fair in North America
1765 – First Horse Racing In English Canada
1788 – First College in Canada – King’s College School Founded
1790 – King’s College Founded and granted Royal Charter
1790 – First Centre of Culture and Learning in Canada
1790 – First Bachelor of Arts Degree in Canada
1790 – First Bachelor of Theology Degree in Canada
1790 – First Library and Reading Society in Canada
1790 – First Canadian Magazine edited in Windsor by John Howe (father of Joe Howe)
1796 – 1865 – First Home of "Father of Canadian Literature", "Father of American Humour" – Thomas Chandler Haliburton
circa 1800 – First Hurley on Ice (Became Ice Hockey)- at Long Pond, King’s College

1802 – First Covered Bridge in Nova Scotia at Upper Falmouth (Sangster’s Bridge)
1816 – First Stagecoach Line in Maritimes- Halifax to Windsor
1830 – First Canadian Author to Gain International Recognition – T. C. Haliburton
1836 – First Four Span (1150′) – Nova Scotia’s Longest Covered Bridge (Windsor Became The Gateway To The Valley)
1837 – First Branch Bank of Nova Scotia
1840 – Cricket First introduced to Nova Scotia at King’s College –
– by Charles Bowman of Spa Springs, (King’s Meadow) Windsor,
who had been studying in England
1842-46 – Rev. Silas T. Rand, Minister – Windsor Baptist Church named first "Missionary to the Mic-Mac Indians"
1858 – First Public Railway in Nova Scotia – Halifax to Windsor
1870 – First ‘Town’ in Canada to have a Covered Rink – on Fort Edward, Windsor (Halifax and Montreal ‘Cities’ had Covered Rinks since 1861)
1872 – First Telephones in Nova Scotia, at King’s Colege – Set up between the Commons Hall and President’s House at King’s College
by Prof. John Oram of Queen’s University, Galway, Ireland, who became Prof. of Mathematics and Engineering
– he also introduced:-
First Bachelor of Engineering Degree at King’s College in 1872
First Meteorological Observatory built at King’s College by Prof. John Oram – 1872
1903 – First Schooner "Bluenose" built at MacKinley Yard, Mount Denson
1909 – February 10th, The Nova Scotia Freemasons’ Home opened for guests – only one in Canada
1940-45 – Canada’s #1 Army Transit Camp

World’s Highest Tides – 30-60 feet

Titles of Windsor
1790 – "Centre of Culture and Learning"
1800 – "Playground Of Halifax" and "Athens Of Nova Scotia"
1829 – "Shiretown of Hants County" by T.C. Haliburton
"Birthplace of Ice Hurley/Ice Hockey" – c.1800
1836 – "Gateway To The Valley"
1836-1890 – World Renowned Port of Registry
1836-1890 – Major Ship Building Centre and Canada’s Third Largest Port (Second only to Montreal and Saint John)

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