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Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Windsor,  Nova  Scotia, Canada – c. 1800
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Windsor, N.S. and Cooperstown, N.Y. are Twin Towns

by Garth Vaughan
c. August, 1996

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The “Twinning” of towns in different countries is sometimes decided upon by town officials in order to establish a special relationship for very particular reasons. The towns of Windsor, Nova Scotia and Cooperstown, New York became “Twin Towns” on Aug. 19, 1996, for reasons of interest, because both towns have so many features in common, including the fact that they are the places of origin of their respective national sports. The world regards Baseball as America’s national sport and Ice Hockey as Canada’s national sport. Other similarities which the two towns share are as follows:

First Settlers:
Windsor: Mi’kmaq
Cooperstown: Iroquois

European Settlers:
Windsor settled by French Acadians in 1684 and by English in 1750.
Cooperstown first settled by John Hartwick 1761.

Windsor Township formed – 1764.
Village founded by William Cooper – 1786.

Small Towns of Similar Size:
Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada, Population – 3725
Cooperstown, New York, USA, Population – 2180

Oldest remaining building:
Windsor: The “Blockhouse” 1750
Cooperstown: The “Smithy” 1864

Oldest Remaining Residence:
Windsor: Thomas Curren House – 1790
Cooperstown: Benjamin Griffin House – 1790

Major Town Fire:
Windsor – 1897 (4/5 of Town Destroyed)
Cooperstown – 1862 (3/4 of Business District Destroyed)
Famous authors:
Windsor – Thomas Chandler Haliburton 1796 – 1865
Known as the Father of American Humor, he wrote the first history of Nova Scotia in 1829.
He created a fictional “Yankee Clockmaker, Sam Slick”, and became famous because of his writings centered around the life and happenings of Sam in Nova Scotia, Canada’s first province to be developed.
His satirical writings brought fame to him and Windsor and Nova Scotia. The province of Nova Scotia opened the Haliburton Memorial Museum in 1939.

Cooperstown – James Fennimore Cooper 1789 – 1851.
Known as America’s First Major Novelist, he wrote American historical novels depicting the grand scale of the American wilderness and the civilization of the American frontier. He created the "Leatherstocking Tales"which became universally popular, bringing literary fame to himself and Cooperstown which was created by his father, Judge William Cooper.

Note: Both were outstanding contemporary authors, both traditionally known by their full names.

Famous Author’s Museums:
Windsor – “Clifton” – Haliburton Memorial Museum
Cooperstown – Fenimore House Museum and the American Indian Wing.

Large Lake with native name:
Windsor: Lake Pesaquid – named by Mi’kmaqs
Cooperstown: Lake Otsego – named by Mohicans

Famous Theatre:
Windsor – Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia – world-famous family theatre
Cooperstown – Zimmerglass Theatre – world-famous summer opera house
World-Famous Centre of Sport:
Windsor – Birthplace of Hockey – Long Pond
Cooperstown – Home of Baseball – Doubleday Field

Earliest Non-Organized Game Played:
Windsor – Ice Hockey evolved in early 1800s from Irish Stick-Ball game of Hurley/Hurling
Cooperstown – Baseball evolved in early 1800s from English Stick-Ball game of Rounders

Famous Sport Sites:
Windsor – Long Pond – Where Ice Hockey Originated
Cooperstown – Doubleday Field – Home of Baseball

Famous Sport Museums:
Windsor – Windsor Hockey Heritage Centre
Cooperstown – National Baseball Hall of Fame

Town Sporting Symbol:
Windsor – “Wooden Puck”
Cooperstown – “Baseball”

Famous Farm Attractions:
Windsor – Oldest Agricultural Fair in North America – Home of the Country Fair – 1765
Cooperstown – Farmer’s Museum – Fenimore Farm – A Working Farm Museum – 1813

Outstanding Golf Courses:
Windsor – Avon Valley Golf Course
Cooperstown – Leatherstocking Golf Course

Windsor, Nova Scotia, Birthplace of Ice Hockey is twinned with Cooperstown, New York, Home of Baseball


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